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Not only is Table Mountain one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, but it also has some of the most amazing hiking trails you will find anywhere on earth.

There are a variety of trails in all degrees of difficulty, from easy walking to scrambling and more technical rope climbing.The guides have years of experience and are qualified in all aspects of mountain climbing, assuring you of an experience you will never forget. You have an option to hike Table Mountain, Lions Head and Devils Peak. Get up early to see the sun rise over the Hottentots Holland Mountains or start later to see it set over the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the hiking trails are easy to walk and only needs a moderate level of fitness. The little bit of effort will definitely reward you with amazing views and a great sense of accomplishment.

Let us know if you prefer to hike Table Mountain, Lions Head or Devils Peak and what your fitness level is and we will suggest the best hiking trail to follow.

If you prefer to hike Table Mountain you can hike up and take the cable car down, take the cable car up and hike down or hike both ways. Just remember that the cable can not always be relied on due to unpredictable weather that may set in. Always be prepared to hike both ways in all occasions. 

Operating Times

  • Monday - Sunday
  • Weather Permitting


  • Transport from central Cape Town

  • Professional and knowledgeable mountain guide

  • Lunch available on full day hikes


  • Cable car return fees (R200)

What to bring

  • Minimum of 1 liter of water

  • Snacks to keep the energy levels up

  • Sunscreen and hat

  • Comfortable hiking shoes

  • Warm waterproof jacket. Even on warm days the weather can change quickly on the mountain.

  • Backpack to carry your belongings so your hands are free for climbing.

  • Camera to take pictures of the incredible views.

Hiking rules issued by the Table Mountain Aerial Cable Way

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  • Never hike alone. A group of four is ideal. Nominate a leader to guide you and make decisions on behalf of the group

  • The group should hike at the rate of the slowest member and should never split up

  • Take more than enough drinking water, especially in summer

  • Select your route best suited to your group’s experience, fitness levels and capability

  • Remember that the Cableway can close at any time due to unpredictable weather conditions. Don't rely on being able to ride it up or down, even if you've already checked whether it's open

  • Allow sufficient time to ascend and descend before dark, making allowance for a stop at the summit for a rest and refreshments

  • If you intend taking the Cableway down, make sure that it is operating on the day but leave yourself enough time to hike down before sunset if needs be

  • Hike with someone who is familiar with the route or use a recent map or guidebook. Alternatively consult someone who has personally climbed the route

  • With the exception of guide dogs, dogs (with or without a leash) are not allowed to travel in the cable car due to health and safety reasons.

  • Never stray off designated routes, take short cuts or enter unknown ravines

  • Take note of signs that warn of danger ahead

  • Always ensure that someone knows exactly which route you intend taking and when you expect to return (do not deviate from this plan)

  • Take proper weatherproof and windproof clothing in your backpack in case the weather changes or you are delayed for some reason

  • Be aware of changes in the weather and turn back if bad weather threatens, or if you’re battling on the chosen route

  • In an emergency, find a spot that offers some form of shelter from the wind. Never try to continue climbing in the dark or in heavy mist

  • If you get lost, retrace your steps. If you can't find your original path, move down broad, open slopes.

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Activities to combine with your Hike

Add one of these activities to make it a full day of adventure.

From R800

Step off into 1000m of vertical space.


Have a birds-eye-view of Cape Town.


From R550

Slide a total of 2.3km down a mountain.